Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White Peach and Basil Margarita

Here's a little history on this cocktail - I was inspired by a drink called "Peaches and Herb" from this book (which I love and totally reccomend, btw). The original drink called for peaches, sage, and brandy, but the peach and sage combo didn't really do it for me (peaches - delcious; sage - meh), so I decided to try it with peaches and basil. And substitute tequila for the brandy, since peaches and tequila are always a winning combination. I used white peaches because - that's what they had at the grocery store. So there you go. Necessity is the mother of invention?

Peaches and Basil: A good start.

For starters:
5 slices of white peach (a little more than 1/4 of the peach)
3 basil leaves (harvested from the back porch!)
splash of agave nectar (what the heck is a splash, I always want to know? here's what I do: about 1/8 of an ounce.)
splash of lemon juice
1.5 oz tequila
.5 oz triple sec

What you do:
Put the peach slices, basil leaves, and agave nectar in the mixing glass of your shaker. (I'm assuming you have a boston shaker, but a plain old shaker will work just as well.) Muddle (or smoosh with the back of a spoon) the peaches and basil until they make a nice mush. Fill the glass with ice, and then add the tequila, lemon juice and triple sec. Shake it all up. (Most people will say shake until a frost forms on the shaker, but I like to shake until the shaker is so cold I can barely hold it anymore. The ice melting into the cocktail is important because that's what smoothes out the burn of the alcohol.) Strain into a cocktail glass. Cheers.

Verdict: The color is beautiful, pale and peachy, and the flavor is kind of similiar - lovely, smooth, more subtle than you'd expect from a margarita. I'd like another.


  1. I just made and drank 10 of these and am currently super intoxicated. I am going to drunk dial your Baptist family and tell them about your booze blog.

  2. Ah! Nancy, I L-O-V-E this! You should have a blog-launch cocktail party (news flash, I might--almost--be recovered from the last one) and post all the recipes online, then have attendees comment on them...you could even set up a computer in your living room to do it in real time. Can you say viral? :)

    <3 you!

  3. Is the last image a preview of what we'll see after drinking this or is it reality? It's amazing how the drink doesn't drain out of the glass

  4. That sounds amazing! I miss drinking at the counter in your apartment. We had such fun!

  5. oh yay, i can finally comment. I WANT ONE OF THESE! you are a beverage artist. you should raise a chicken in the backyard and then make it into a cocktail. inspiration for next blog entry?

  6. Mmmm... thanks for the recipe. I was getting stuck in grapefruit juice and tequila rut (don't you just hate when that happens?) Thanks for providing a delicious new direction for the summer!