Monday, February 7, 2011

This is an Abomination.

I'm always looking for unusual flavor combinations that somehow work (bourbon-infused bacon, anyone?), so when I saw these at Spec's I knew I had to buy them. Even though I was horrified. And even though the idea of ramen chocolate was only slightly less repellent to me than eating a tiny, whole octopus (which I totally did once, in the name of flavor exploration) - I tried it. For you.

Ramen: Man, when I bought a Ramen chocolate bar, I was expecting something really, really weird. It wasn't all that strange, honestly. Not too much ramen, so it just adds a little texture. Kind of like a Krackle.

Tortilla, Lime and Salt: This one was a little more interesting. I mean, there are honest-to-god tortilla chips in this chocolate bar. So when I bit into it, I was surprised to discover that it was kind of fantastic. Chocolate and lime? Delicious. Chocolate and salt? Also good. I loved the texture of the tortilla chips. The only thing I wasn't so sure about was the taste of the tortilla chips working with the chocolate. I'd be having this divine chocolate experience, but then every once in a while I'd start to feel like I was at a Mexican restaurant waiting for my enchiladas.

Want to experience these wonktacular flavor mash-ups for yourself? You can find them at the downtown Spec's, here in Houston, or purchase some on the internets.

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  1. A Seattle company called Theo Chocolate makes buttered toast chocolate bars. It's a surprisingly tasty combo.